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Product Portfolio

Devcon Products

High Temperature Grease

Titanium Putty

Water Resistance Grease

Brushable Ceramic

Matrix Lubricant

Plastic Steel Putty

Bus Bar Insulation

Epoxy Sealer

Transformer Oil Leakage Sealing

Floor Patch

Cable Repairing Sealing

Silicone Sealant

Tank Leakage Sealing

Duct Sealant

Gland Packing


Online Leakage Sealing

Rustlick Fluids

Electrical Insulation

Magnaflux Chemical

Pipeline Leakage Sealing

Specialty Lubricant

Conveyor Belt Repairing Sealing

Lubrication Engineer Products

Gland Packing Installation Sealing

Almasol Lubricant

Water Resistance Grease

Quinplex Lubricant

Vendor Selection Process

We ensure that our best quality lubricant, grease, and allied products pass through our brand name. A lot of emphasis is given on the quality of the products and therefore, we procure these products only from trustworthy vendors present in the market. We also ensure that our vendor selection is based on their industry expertise, past clients served, ability to fulfill bulk orders, and more.